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Well-maintained car engine runs efficiently and reliably

Does your car start easily, run quietly, accelerate smoothly, and maintain a consistent speed without hesitation or stalling? You need to visit a local mechanic shop if you notice any consistence performance of your car.

We will look into car acceleration, vibrations, noises, smells, and fuel consumption. We check warning lights or fault codes. Bring your car to our car shop in New Westminster, so we can address any engine problems as soon as they arise.

Engine Services

Engine repair questions you may have for us:

Visit our shop to consult a qualified mechanic and get an advice.

Some common fixes include replacing spark plugs, ignition coils, or fuel injectors, cleaning the fuel system, or repairing vacuum leaks. It`s important to diagnose the root cause of the misfire to ensure an effective and long-lasting fix.

Signs that your engine may need a tune-up include decreased fuel efficiency, rough idling or stalling, decreased acceleration, or a check engine light. A qualified car mechanic can perform a diagnostic test to determine if a tune-up is needed.

An engine rebuild is a process where an engine is completely disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt with new or reconditioned parts. The cost of an engine rebuild can vary widely depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the extent of damage to the engine, and the cost of replacement parts.

Driving with a check engine light on is not recommended, as it indicates that something is wrong with your car`s engine, emissions system, or other important components. So it is advisable to come in to our Service Facility to diagnose the problem that you may be experiencing.

Your vehicle noise can be related to a hole in a exhaust pipe, and or damaged muffler

A car muffler is a device in the exhaust system of a vehicle that helps to reduce the noise generated by the engine.

In many cases, a muffler can be repaired by a qualified mechanic or exhaust specialist near you, while in other cases, replacement may be necessary.

Bad timing belt or chain can cause serious problem to your car engine

Some of our customers reach out because of engine misfires, rough idling, and a ticking noise coming from the engine.

Most of the time, these are the symptoms of a failing timing belt.

You may need to replace it.

We recommend replacing the timing belt every 100,000 to 160,000 kilometres and the timing chain every 180,000 to 240,000 kilometres.

Have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic at GreatYear Automotive.

Custom exhaust in New Westminster

Our repair shop can customize your car`s exhaust system.

We can modify the muffler, pipes, and other components of the exhaust system to improve the flow of exhaust gases and increase horsepower.

Install a custom exhaust for aesthetic and auditory enhancements and performance benefits; if this is what you want to do to your vehicle, whether you are a car enthusiast or not.

Get your engine fixed at GreatYear Automotive

Get your engine fixed at GreatYear Automotive review
Get your engine fixed at GreatYear Automotive review
Get your engine fixed at GreatYear Automotive review

Best car engine repairs shop in New Westminster

Give us a call if you have a specific engine problem or question.