Frequently Asked Questions

GreatYear Automotive are local mechanics who help you and your car feeling better.

GreatYear Automotive repairs and services cars.

Car owners use us to change oil, fix brakes, repair transmissions, scan computer faults, service steering & suspension, do engine mechanical work, run vehicle inspections, and many more.

Why not, if your friend is a certified mechanic?

One of our customers had engine issues with their Ford Escape. Their friend had some mechanical experience and offered to help in their home garage. The engine was fixed but completely stopped working in a few weeks. Our customer ended up with a vehicle they couldn’t drive.

We recommend only professional mechanics look after your car.

Our car repair shop is at 325A 12th St, New Westminster, BC V3M 4H5. Our shop has four bays open 4 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm from Wednesday through Friday and from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday.

Many local mechanic shops service only certain brands. GreatYear works with all Japanese, European, and North American cars, even Japanoid vehicles imported in from Japan.

Absolutely! You can also give us a call.

We will spend sufficient time explaining, teaching and even drawing pictures if necessary so that each customer can understand what is going on with their vehicle.

It depends on the scope of work and car parts needed.

An oil change can be done in a reasonable time. You may not need to leave our shop.

Some engine work can take a few hours or even days. A car may require specific parts that take time to order and bring to the shop.

However, we might be able to spend overtime to get your vehicle repaired, so you can leave the shop with your car the same day. We like to go the added mile for you.

Our shop works with private and commercial vehicles. We cannot fix large trucks at this time, but we are working on the shop expansion.

We will discuss each situation case by case all depending on how you like your vehicle and if it is a solid foundation to invest into. Today’s prices on new vehicles sometimes far exceed ones affordability and if you still love your vehicle and it has a solid foundation, sometime the repairs exceed the market value of your vehicle, but the replacement cost of your vehicle may not be affordable.

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